Clicks From the Heart

I am not a photographer, but I love capturing moments, smiles, shining eyes, stunning colors and textures, cultures, etc.    I’ve learned that friends enjoy seeing the product of my DSLR’s wanderings.  It’s become special to share.

Some friends wish I post more.  I agree with them.  In the meantime, below are a few of my favorite albums, those moments that have truly transported me.

At India Gate

*Newly Added* New Delhi, India – Diwali Celebration with Bhaskarbhai

October 2009

Bhaskarbhai’s first visit to Delhi coincided with Diwali, the awesome celebration of lights celebrated across India like our Christmas.  I was blown away by the intensity of the celebration.  Around this evening of constant firework and firecracker explosions, Bhaskar and I toured Delhi and its many beautiful sites.  As we toured Bhaskar was regularly asked if he was my guide, to which he replied “No, she is mine.”  🙂

You’ll also find two posts describing just a few experiences:  The first about gifting a meal and the second about Diwali.

Tejas on his throne

*Newly Added* Pune, India – Tejas’s Janeyu (Thread Ceremony)

July 2009

In the brahmin tradition, there came a time in a boy’s life, around the age of eight, when it was time to leave the family to pursue studies under the guidance of a guru.  The transition ceremony is called the thread ceremony, as the priest ties a string around the boy’s chest that will remain there for the rest of his life.  While the boy no longer leaves his family to stay with a guru, the “rights-of-passage” is still celebrated and Ashish, Kaumudi and Tejas traveled back to Pune to celebrate Tejas’ thread ceremony with family and friends.  I was honored to be among them.

You’ll find additional thoughts and perspectives on the post I wrote.

Ahmedabad smiles

Ahmedabad smiles

Gujarat, India – Love, Trust and Relationship

January 2009

I discovered true love and profound trust.  My time in Gujarat struck something really deep, as you’ll understand here.

As you’ll discover from reading the captions of the pictures, this picture means a lot to me.  I took a first picture of this group of kids in the Tekro slum.  When they looked at it on my camera, they were upset.  Jayeshbhai explained that they didn’t believe they were smiling enough.  This picture is the product of the second take.  Now, these are smiles!

In the Kashgar market

In the Kashgar market

Western China – Cultural Discovery

July 2008

This three-week wandering along the Silk Route

struck me for its cultural diversity and dynamics.  Kashgar and the region are a melting pot of ethnicities being overrun by the Han.  The Great Wall marks the exit out of non-China China.  The pre-Olympic festivities, including the torch relay, exhibited the Communist regime at work.  The Magao Caves cover 1000 years of Buddhist paintings.  The Xi’an Terracotta army is breath-taking.

Where do I go?

Where do I go?

Mongolia – Beautiful Landscapes

June 2008

Peacefulness and stunning views and landscapes.  The horse is the preferred mode of transportation and the best way to take in the beauty of the surroundings.  From the northern mountains to the southern desert.


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